2 Changes That Can Drastically Reduce The Amount Of Heat Loss In Your Retail Business

In a store where the comfort of your employees and guests is always a priority, dropping the thermostat a few degrees may not always be a feasible option when it comes to saving money on commercial heating expenses. Therefore, you have to start looking at ways you can be more efficient by preventing the heat that you have to pay for from leaving the store. There are two basic changes you can make to help prevent the loss of heat that can be costing you thousands of dollars on heating expenses in your retail business.

Install a Dehumidifying System

Heat can be lost through what is commonly referred to as conduction or the transfer of heat through a surface. When excess moisture is present within a space, water can take up residence in insulation and moisture can condense on the walls or ceiling. Water is a naturally good conductor of heat energy.

Therefore, it will make it easier for heat to transfer through to places it does not need to be, in spite of good insulation. The easiest way to eliminate the issue is to install a commercial grade dehumidifying system to remove moisture and water vapor from the air. The energy used to operate the system will be recouped in the amount of savings you see on heating costs and then some.

Implement an Air Door System

In a retail setting, the entry and exit doors are constantly opened and shut to cater to customer flow. This ongoing infiltration of cold air from the outside can cause a major increase in the amount of energy used to keep your building warm.

While it is impossible to keep doors closed, you can work to counteract the burst of cold air trying to make its way inside with an air door. These doors use a burst of heated air every time the door opens to ward off the change in climate that is otherwise imminent when the temperature outside is cooler. It may seem as if a blast of heat would be more costly than just trying to keep the space heated normally. However, this tactic is a highly efficient way to prevent heat loss from occurring. 

Even though you have to maintain a stable temperature in your retail business, it does not mean there are not ways that you can save on commercial heating costs. Pay close attention to how you could be losing valuable heat to find opportunities to save within your building. (for more information on commercial heating, contact Mercury Tec)