Tips To Lower Heating Oil Costs Without Sacrificing Comfort

Heating oil can be essential for keeping your home nice and warm on a cold winter's day. Yet, energy costs are rising for most homeowners, and this is no different for those that rely on oil to power their heating systems. Sadly, these costs can cause some people to keep their homes uncomfortably cool, which can lead to health problems for many individuals. Luckily, there are a couple of tips you can follow to help keep your heating oil costs under control regardless of the outside temperature. 

Take Advantage Of Price Caps

It is no secret that the price of oil fluctuates wildly depending on market conditions, and these price swings can be particularly painful for homeowners on limited budgets. However, many people are unaware that most heating oil suppliers offer individuals a chance to lock themselves into a particular price for their oil. 

This is possible through prepaying for future heating oil deliveries. While this may require you to make a larger initial payment than you are accustomed to making, it can end up saving you substantial amounts of money if the price of oil spikes. Interestingly, some providers will also allow you to choose between using your prepaid option for a refill or buying at market price, allowing you to take advantage of the best possible price for your needs. 

Inspect Your Home's Exterior Caulking

In addition to controlling the cost of heating oil by prepaying for it, there is another simple step that you can take to boost the energy efficiency of your home. Drafts from the outside can quickly cause the temperature inside to plummet, and some homeowners do not realize that recaulking the windows and doors can be an excellent way of combating this problem. 

Before the cold season arrives, you should make it a point to perform a thorough inspection of any caulk on the exterior of any windows or doors. If you notice small cracks forming or the caulk peeling away from the house, you should apply a fresh layer. This will close the gaps and prevent them from increasing your energy bills while compromising the comfort of those inside the home or requiring you to spend a small fortune. 

Heating oil is a common option for those needing an efficient way of keeping the house warm on cold days. However, this type of oil can become rather expensive, and may force you to keep the home cooler than you want. Following these two tips can help ensure that your home stays comfortable without forcing you to overpay for heating costs. Talk to a professional like Fox Fuel Co for more information.