2 Steps to Prevent Your Dumpster Rental from Damaging Your Property

Whether you're in the middle of a renovation project or simply looking to de-clutter your home, a dumpster rental service can help you accomplish your goal. A dumpster can easily be parked at your home giving you convenient access. For the most part, a dumpster rental is completely harmless. However, it's still important that you take certain precautions when it comes to caring for your property. Familiarizing yourself with a couple of key points can prevent damage while you have the dumpster at your home.

Consider the Contents

Take the time to consider what you will be putting in the dumpster. The reason this factor is so important is the fact that it will have a significant influence on the weight of the dumpster. This is an especially important consideration if you plan to have the dumpster installed on your concrete or asphalt driveway. The heavier the dumpster, the greater the risk for damage to the surface underneath.

A heavy dumpster on a driveway can cause cracking and structural damage to the underlayment of the driveway's surface, leading to costly repairs. If you are planning to store heavier materials, such as bath tubs, toilets, sinks and large appliances, it's a better idea to store your dumpster on grass. For more lightweight items, you should be fine parking your dumpster on your driveway.

Build a Support System

Build a support system to place the dumpster on. Typically, this involves placing a single board at the base of each of the dumpster's corners. This is important for a number of reasons. First, it creates a level surface, which is especially important if the surface you plan to place the dumpster on is on a slope. To make the dumpster level on a sloped surface, add additional boards to the corners of the dumpster that are on the slope to add height.

Secondly, boards under the dumpster can also help keep the weight of the contents inside the dumpster evenly distributed. This is important to minimize damage to the surface under the dumpster. When one side of the dumpster is heavier than the other, this can cause the dumpster to press into the surface and leave an imprint. With the boards underneath, the weight is evenly dispersed, preventing this problem.

To protect your property, make certain you are choosing the placement location of your dumpster. If you have any concerns about placement of your dumpster, dumpster rental services will be able to assist you.