Choosing The Proper Material For Your Business's Custom Lobby Sign

If you really want to make an impact on customers or clients visiting your business, you should consider a custom sign in your lobby. A sign in your lobby can tell someone a lot about you, your business, and how you run it. However, you have to pick the right type of signage for your lobby if you want it to make the right impression.

Choosing a Material to Start With

A big obstacle for many people looking for signage is the sheer amount of options available. One way to narrow your choices for a lobby sign is to first pick a type of sign. Once you know the type, you can work on things like the colors, the fonts, and other design choices.

PVC – These types of signs are arguably the most widespread. That's because they don't usually cost as much as other options. That doesn't mean that they're of cheap quality. They're usually cheaper because PVC is a material that's easier to work with than many other options. With PVC you can use any colors you want since the sign or letters are painted.

Plastic and acrylic – Plastics, acrylics, and other polymer-based materials are ideal for those that have a definite idea of what they want their lobby sign to look like. That's because these materials are the most malleable. These materials typically render signs with a glassy look.

Wood – Signs made of wood can say something very specific to people about your business. A carved wood sign in a lobby shows a business that's more about rustic tradition, rather than modern convenience. Wood signs are often striking simply because you don't see too many of them in lobbies.

Aluminum – A combination of aluminum and proper lighting can give your lobby a sharply professional look and feel. Aluminum is versatile as it's possible to have a whole sign cut from it, but you can also use it as a laminate to cover a sign made of other materials. That ways you can get that metallic look and feel while saving money on materials.

Other metal finishes – Aluminum isn't the only metallic finish available. There are also gold and bronze finishes as well. Beyond that, it's possible to have your sign consist of a single metal piece or have single letters cast to form the sign. Since there are various ways to finish metal, it's possible to achieve quite a few colors and patterns with your metal sign or laminates.

There are many more options for signage as well. Most of these listed options can coexist together, and many of them are ideal for backlighting. Adding extra features to a sign can also alter the message as well.

You may find that you want three-dimensional letters, a glass backing, and an LED border. It's all up to you. Just remember the sign is only one element of your lobby. Your décor and other features should complement the sign and vice versa. But, you must start with the basic material. From there, you and a professional custom sign maker like Snyder Signs Inc can figure out the rest.