The Importance Of Permeation Testing For Food Packaging Companies

The materials you choose for packaging your food products may not be suitable if they have not undergone experienced permeation testing. No matter what kinds of food products you package and ship, the packaging materials you use need to have some specific attributes. Learn more about permeation testing and how it can help you avoid future profit losses.

Food Packaging To Slow The Natural Oxidation Process

Food products, whether they are packaged fresh or they are packaged processed foods, will experience oxidation as soon as they are exposed to oxygen. Preventing premature oxidation is extremely important for your food packaging company to remain profitable. However, permeation tests like those for water vapor transmission and oxygen transmissions rates are excellent for helping you to choose packaging materials best for slowing down oxidation of your packaged foods.

Gas Permeation Can Ruin Packaged Foods

Some processed foods contain additives and preservatives for increasing their shelf life, but the packaging used also helps to promote a longer shelf life as well. Gas permeation testing is recommended to learn whether your foods require double packaging or if it needs thinner packaging for the release of certain gases. Bear in mind the types of foods you package are determining factors in the choices you need to make for packaging materials.

Why You Need To Consider Antimicrobial Packaging Tests

Microbiology testing can help you learn if you need to invest in antimicrobial packaging materials for your food products. During microbiology testing, microorganisms are injected into foods for learning which packaging works best to slow down microbial growth. Some packaging solutions require double layered packaging for increased antimicrobial benefits.

Are Your Packaged Foods Ready For Transport And Distribution?

While the packaging for your food products should be appropriate for increasing shelf life, you should also think about the packaging best to prevent damage during transport and distribution. Making sure your products are safe during transport is important. If your food products are delivered in crushed boxes or other packages, not only do they look bad, they could also be contaminated as well. Taking the time to have packaging durability tests done is vital to you remaining successful and profitable.

Investing in permeation testing should become a necessary aspect of your food production lines. By doing so, you lower your risk of profit losses from spoilage. The money you spend on permeation testing will also help you make the right choices for packaging materials, a good way to help you save money on poorer, low grade materials for your products. Contact a company like Northwest Paper Box for more information.