Having Problems With The Transmission And Driveline System In Your Rig? What To Know

If the transmission on your rig feels like it's starting to go and you worry about driving it and furthering the damage, talk with an expert. You want an expert that works on driveline complications specifically, so they can see what is wrong and what other damage occurred as a side effect of problems with the transmission. If you're worried about the cost of the repairs, or if you should invest money in a new unit, consider the following.

Estimates from Driveline Rebuild Experts

Find experts that can rebuild and restore the transmission and other problems with your rig, to see if they can restore the transmission in your truck. The cost to rebuild and repair the driveline system may be more affordable than taking it out and replacing it with a newer option, depending on what needs to be done to the machine, and what other components need to be repaired or replaced.

Used Options

Are you able to shop for used options from other rigs that have been totaled or no longer run? If so, pulling the transmission from another unit may be the most affordable option. Before you move forward with this option, talk with a mechanic about looking at the used option before you pay for it and have it pulled. Take in the cost to have the used transmission pulled and transported, and then installed and tuned up before deciding if that is the most affordable. 

New Driveline Installation

The age of your rig and how long you'll have it should effect how much you want to spend on the driveline, and if it's worth investing the money to put a new unit in the truck. If you plan on using the truck until it can no longer drive and you think you'll have it for years, spending the money shouldn't be a concern. If you know you may need or want a different rig in the near future, it may be best to rebuild or buy used.

You want to make the best investment for your truck, and you want to make sure that you have a reliable transmission and driveline system that you can depend on after you decide to replace or rebuild the unit. Talk with the experts (such as those from Billings Machine & Welding Shop Inc) and find out what the best option will be for your truck, based on what is wrong with your rig and what the cost is for repairs.