4 Efficient Heating Tips For Your Warehouse

If you feel as if it takes a ton of heating oil or other energy to keep your warehouse warm during the winter months, you could be wondering if there are ways to cut costs. Luckily, these four helpful tips can help you keep the warehouse warm without spending more on energy than you have to.

1. Install Transpired Solar Walls

If you have ever seen the rather ridged-looking exterior walls that are often installed on commercial and industrial buildings, you have seen transpired solar walls. These walls are designed to heat the air that passes through them using solar heat. Then, as the air flows into the building, it is already somewhat heated. This can help prevent uncomfortable drafts and can drastically reduce warehouse heating bills.

2. Keep Overhead Doors Closed

Do you use overhead doors for loading and/or unloading in your warehouse? If so, you need to pay attention to these doors if you want to keep your warehouse heated without spending more money than you have to. Your employees may leave overhead doors open throughout the year so that they do not have to open and close them every time that they need to load or unload something, but it's important to break this habit during the winter months. Making sure the overhead doors are as well-insulated as possible and keeping them closed when not in use is the best way to keep cold air out of your warehouse. You can invest in a strip door to hang behind the overhead door to help keep as much heat as possible inside the warehouse when the overhead door is open, too.

3. Use Industrial Fans

Large industrial ceiling fans can be worth the investment both in the winter and summer. In the winter, they can be used to distribute heat evenly around the warehouse, allowing you to take better advantage of the heat that is being produced by your heating system. Then, in the summer months, your large industrial ceiling fans can be used to help keep the warehouse cool without having to run the air conditioning as much.

4. Install a New Heating System

Have you assessed your industrial heating system lately? If not, it might be time to have it checked out by an industrial HVAC company. You may be able to enjoy cost savings and tax deductions by installing a more efficient unit, which can help you heat the warehouse more effectively while potentially saving on your heating bills.