Attracting Top Injection Molders to Your Firm

When recruiting injection molders, a common problem is that many of the recruits who apply for your firm may have limited or no experience in the injection molding industry. Part of this has to do with how you might be soliciting prospective candidates. It may also be a great idea to hire a recruiter who specializes in locating injection molders. 

Write a Great Job Description

One of the most important aspects of attracting the right talent for an injection molding service is to write a very descriptive job post that clarifies exactly the type of talent that your firm is looking for. The description should list the basics of the position. However, the description should not go into too much detail to avoid overwhelming the applicant. Explain exactly what your company does and write a line explaining your company's culture.

The first person to ask when writing a job description is someone who already performs the job. Those individuals who perform the job everyday will be more aware of the challenges the job entails and the skills that are necessary to perform the job well.

Inform Prospective Candidates about Your Firm

Provide plenty of information about your manufacturing firm to prospective candidates. The most talented in the manufacturing sector tend to evaluate businesses they are interested in working for based on metrics and results. Explain why your company manufactures products that are superior to your competitors. The best manufacturing talent will want to know that your firm is one that is profitable and likely to remain a reliable place of employment. The best candidates are not simply looking for a job but are looking for a career where they can work with talented colleagues on interesting projects.

Tap into the Networks of Your Employees

Inform your employees that you have a position to fill. This will allow your firm to tap into your employee's network of friends and associates. In the age of social networking, your employees are likely connected to hundreds of individuals within the injection molding industry.

Find Recruiters Who Specialize in Injection Molding

One of the best ways to ensure that your business hires talent that has past experience with injection molding is to work with recruiters. Recruiters who specialize in molding services will already have databases of resumes from workers who have experience with injection molding and who will be able to place the right talent in your company very quickly.