Good Qualities To Look For In A Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer

If you have an idea for a vitamin or nutrient supplement that you want to sell in gummy form, then you will want to look for a company that can manufacture the vitamins for you. This is a lot simpler and cheaper than trying to buy and put together all of the equipment required to mass-produce gummy vitamins on your own. There are a few companies out there that will custom-make gummy vitamins and supplements for clients. So, how do you know which one to work with? Here are some good qualities to look for.

Transparency with the gummy-making process

Look for a gummy vitamin manufacturer that is willing to tell you all about their process. You deserve to know how the products you are ordering are made. They should be happy to tell you what temperature they heat the gelatin to, what ingredients they use, and so forth.

It is important for you to have this information to ensure their process is compatible with your supplements. For example, if you are trying to include a volatile nutrient in your supplement, you probably won't want the company to heat the gummy past a certain temperature, or else that nutrient may vaporize and deteriorate. There may also be certain ingredients that might deactivate your supplemented nutrients or make them less bio-available. If the gummy manufacturer is transparent with their process, you can have your chemists look it over and make sure there are no red flags of this sort to look for.

Your choice of molds

Some gummy manufacturers make all of their gummies the same shape. This is not a huge problem, but if you can find a company that offers a selection of mold shapes, that is probably preferable.

Selecting a unique shape for your gummies is a good way of branding them and ensuring they stand out from the competition. The less unique your gummy ingredients are, the more important this is. For example, if you are making a vitamin C gummy, which is quite common, you don't want yours to be the same gumdrop shape that all of the other companies choose. If you instead have yours shaped like balloons, raindrops, or moons, they will be more unique and memorable to your customers.

Also, check whether the company can make gummies in various sizes. This will mean you don't have to vary the strength of your mixture in order to make several different doses. You can just make small gummies for one dose and bigger gummies for a larger dose.

Bottling and Bagging

If the gummy manufacturer simply delivers your gummies in one large package, you will have to handle the bagging or bottling of them yourselves. This is not impossible, but it can be quite a hassle. Counting the gummies out by hand will take forever, and buying counting machines can be costly. Plus, when more gummies are handled, they are more likely to get soft and overly squishy.

You are best off choosing a gummy manufacturer who will pre-bottle or package the gummies to your specifications. They should put as many in a bottle or bag as you want, and they should be open to creating different size bags or bottles, as needed. Some companies may want you to supply the packages, and others may source them for you. 

Having gummy vitamin supplements made can be pretty simple when you work with a good manufacturer. Above all else, look for a manufacturer who is happy to be transparent and work with you every step of the way. The more they share with you, the better.