Keys To Using A Pharma Clean Room Crane For The First Time

Pharmaceutical manufacturing environments can involve heavy materials, which won't be difficult to transport if there's a pharma clean room crane onsite. It's powerful and features a sterile design to keep contamination from happening. If you're planning to use one for the first time, take these measures.

Make Sure Crane is Professionally Set Up 

If you have just purchased a pharma clean room crane for a production environment, then setting it up is such an important process that has to go perfectly. It will if you just hire a crane installer from the jump who has ample experience setting these particular cranes up around pharma production environments.

A professional installer will choose an appropriate location for this crane, secure it properly to the ceiling or a stand, and put the crane through performance tests to make sure there aren't lingering issues post-installation. Then you'll be able to use this crane optimally for years. 

Review Crane's Tolerances

Every pharma clean room crane will have particular tolerances that you need to keep in mind because this is how you can maximize this crane's lifespan. Some of the more important tolerances deal with the maximum weight it can support and the type of materials it can come in contact with.

Find out exactly what these limits are and then make sure your entire staff knows about them so that you don't put the pharma clean room crane in situations that can cause damage and performance issues that are costly. 

Receive Training on Rigging Procedures 

Once you have a pharma clean room crane set up and you're ready to move materials with it, you need to make sure all of your staff go through training to learn about proper rigging procedures. This is critical for ensuring loads are properly secured on a hoist system that's attached to the crane.

Important topics will be covered like what specific hoist systems to use, how to balance loads out properly, and how to perform inspections after rigging is complete. Ultimately, this training will help you safely use a pharma clean room crane and keep it from experiencing damage.

A pharma clean room crane can help you lift so many things around a pharma production environment without having to deal with contamination. If you make sure it's set up properly, go through training, and know what this crane is capable of, using it regularly won't be difficult at all.