3 Ways To Tell If Your Hydraulic Cylinder Needs A Rebuild

Many pieces of heavy machinery rely on hydraulic power to function properly. The hydraulic cylinder is an essential component within any hydraulic system. Since the cylinder is hidden from view, it can be easy to overlook the warning signs that a hydraulic cylinder is failing.

Here are three simple ways that you can tell when it's time for your hydraulic cylinders to be rebuilt in order to maintain performance and efficiency.

1. Banging Sounds

The way that your machinery sounds while in use can tell you a lot about the condition of the hydraulic cylinder.

A cylinder that is in good condition will not make any excessive noise. If you hear any loud banging sounds coming from your hydraulic machines, these sounds typically mean that there is air inside of the hydraulic system.

These air bubbles are subject to extreme compression and decompression inside the hydraulic cylinder. You will need to rebuild the cylinder as soon as you start to hear loud banging to prevent cavitation and aeration from damaging your entire hydraulic system.

2. Jerking Movement

A functional hydraulic cylinder will engage in smooth, consistent movement when extending and contracting. Any sudden jerking movements that start to appear can signal that it's time to give your hydraulic cylinder some attention.

Jerking movements can be caused by an increase in friction within the cylinder or a bent piston rod.

The best way to prevent your hydraulic system from overheating when it begins to jerk is to remove the cylinder and have it rebuilt by an experienced technician.

3. Overheating

It's important that you monitor the operating temperature of your hydraulic cylinder at all times. Each cylinder manufacturer will define a normal temperature range for their product. It is common for some hydraulic cylinders to reach the upper limit of their temperature range when engaged in high-speed or peak-load tasks.

If your cylinder is regularly overheating under normal working conditions, this is an indication that there are some abnormal conditions being created within the cylinder itself.

Allowing the cylinder to continue to overheat could result in irreparable damage to your entire hydraulic system. Have an experienced technician rebuild your hydraulic cylinder as soon as you notice any unexplained increases in operating temperature.

If you are able to recognize when your hydraulic cylinder is starting to wear out, you can invest in a rebuild that will help save you money and extend the life of your hydraulic system.

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