New Building Maintenance Worker's Guide: How To Replace The Exhaust Fan Motor In Bathroom Fans

One of the duties of a building maintenance worker is to make sure the electrical systems in the building are well-maintained and operating normally. This includes making sure the exhaust fans in the building's bathrooms are kept in working order.  One sign a bathroom fan motor is going bad is that it will usually start to make a lot of noise just before it stops working. You should be able to replace the fan motor on your own even if you are new to working on building maintenance projects.

Three Reasons That Metal Stamping Work Is Beneficial

To get high quality, durable metal work that will last for years, you need to invest in the right type of metal fabrication. In that regard, metal stamping is one of the most efficient types of fabrication that you can receive from a metal shop. To aid your industrial business in creating the finest components, consider these three valuable benefits of metal stamping work and then reach out to a fabrication shop near you.

Hate To Throw Out Nuts And Bolts That Are Slipping? Here Is How You Can Re-Thread Them

Nuts and bolts and even screws can only fasten well when their threads are clean, clear and precisely cut. If you find that you have a lot of fasteners that slip through their nuts or turn loosely around in the objects they are supposed to hold together, do not get mad and throw these fasteners out. Instead, learn to re-thread these seemingly stripped fasteners. You will save yourself a lot of money and frustration by re-threading, and it is not a difficult process to learn.

Signs That Your Submersible Pump Is In Need Of Being Repaired

If you have submersible pump for your water supply, then you need to make sure that you are well aware of the signs that indicate that there is a need for a repair. This way, you will know just when it is time to call in a professional. You Hear A Lot Of Noises The pump might be underwater, but you might be able to hear some sounds coming from it if it is starting to malfunction.

Combating Employee Burnout In Your Steel Fabrication Shop

The business if steel fabrication can be a demanding one for the more than 142 thousand workers who make up the profession in the U.S. This can be especially true during peak times of demand when the number and complexity of jobs require a commitment of an additional 4.6 hours of overtime from workers. This not only puts the workers at risk of being burnt out, it can also result in increased mistakes in the shop, resulting in increased injuries.